iTop VPN for iOS User Manual

Welcome to iTop VPN

VPN (Virtual private network) is a network technology that provides a secure and encrypted connection over a public network such as Internet for its users. It can be used as a secured tunnel for network connection, where user's Internet traffic is routed with encryption. iTop VPN also creates an encrypted connection between your iOS device and one of our servers, so you can obtain an anonymous IP address located anywhere our servers are located. It allows you to stay private and secure to access the online content you want, such as some blocked websites.

System Requirements

• iOS 12.2 and above

Download iTop VPN

Tap here to get it on the Apple App Store.

On the App Store, tap GET, then the iTop VPN app will be downloaded to your iOS device (sometimes you may need to touch ID or enter password to complete the install).

Uninstall iTop VPN

Methods to remove iTop VPN from your iOS device.

1. iOS 12 and iOS 13: Tap and hold the iTop VPN icon until the app icons jiggle > tap the Close button on the app > tap Delete to remove the app.

2. iOS 14 and above: Long press the iTop VPN icon > tap Remove App > tap Delete App > tap Delete to remove the app.

iTop VPN Accounts

Currently iTop VPN has 3 types of accounts: Free, Trial, and VIP. While all accounts provide essential features as Connect Mode, Network Protocols, and Smart Location, there are still clear differences among different accounts.


With limited 700MB data per day, Free account can only access to a subset of servers, and VIP servers are not available.


All servers are available to Trial account with no data limits, but the account will expire after 3 days if the user doesn't renew it.


VIP account can enjoy all servers and is free from ads during the subscription period.

Sign In

Tap the Options icon at the top left side of iTop VPN screen and tap Sign In. When a Sign In window is prompted, enter your iTop VPN account email address and password to sign in.

images/Signin one

images/Signin two

images/Signin three

Sign Up

If you do not have an iTop VPN account, tap Sign Up > enter your email address and password > tap Create an Account to complete the Sign Up process.

images/Signup one

images/Signup two

Forgot Password

If you don't remember your password when signing in, please tap the Forgot Password? text link, and then follow the on-screen prompts to reset your password.

images/Forgot password one

images/Forgot password two

Change Password

If you need to change the password of your account, please tap the top left Options icon > tap your Account Email Address > tap Change Password > fill in the form > tap OK to save your changes.

images/Change password one

images/Change password two

images/Change password three


If you already signed in iTop VPN with an account, your account will be upgraded to VIP account automatically within 30 minutes after your order is successfully processed.

In case you didn't sign in or you are still using the free/trial version after you completed the order for one hour already, please follow the steps below to sign in with your VIP account:

1. Tap here to download the latest version of iTop VPN and install it first (if you have already installed the latest version, please skip this step).

2. Open iTop VPN, tap the top left Options icon.

Activation one

3. Tap Sign In to open the Sign In window.

Signin two

If you already signed in, please tap your Account Email Address and tap Sign Out and then sign in again.


4. Enter your iTop VPN account and password, tap the Sign In button.

Note: If you have not signed up an account before you purchase it, an email with your account and a temporary password will be sent to you after the purchase.

Signin three

Connect to VPN

To connect to a VPN server location, tap the big round Connect button.

images/Connect one

Once you see the big round Connected button on the app screen, you can begin surfing with freedom and security!

images/Connect two

Hide IP

Exposing your IP address means revealing not only your location, but also your identity and your activities, which will allow other parties to control your online experience.

iTop VPN lets you replace your IP address with a secure virtual IP address from various locations and countries around the world. On the main interface, you can clearly notice the change of IP address with and without connecting to iTop VPN.

images/Hide IP one

images/Hide IP two

For Streaming

Watch your favorite shows with iTop VPN. Connect to the global network and bypass any restrictions. You can watch restricted content anywhere, anytime on your iOS device.


For Social

You can connect to servers for social apps. Currently, this feature is only available to subscribed users.


For Gaming

Gaming with iTop VPN is also a wonderful experience. Freely play those region-locked games on iPhone or iPad. You'll enjoy easy, fast, and secure online-game experience.


All Servers

You can view all the servers that iTop VPN supported or connect to a different server location by taping the right arrow icon at the right side of All Servers module.

images/All Servers1

Then you will see the list of VPN locations. You can expand and collapse the lists by taping the down arrow icon on the right.

images/All servers

Smart Location

Smart Location, available on the All Servers module, is a wonderful feature specifically for users who wish to have the best connection for surfing. By default, once you tap Connect, Smart Location will automatically choose the most appropriate server and connect to it, providing the optimal experience for you.

images/Smart location


To change the language on iTop VPN, tap the top left Options icon > tap Language > then select your preferred language.

images/Change password one


Network Protocols

Protocols affect network speed and quality. Here we provide three modes for you: Auto, TCP and UDP. You may select the protocols according to your needs.

images/Network protocols one

images/Network protocols two

Restore Purchase

If you need to restore purchase, tap the top left Options icon > tap Upgrade to VIP > tap Restore Purchase to restore your paid valid subscription.

images/Restore purchase one

images/Restore purchase two

Technical Support


It's recommended to read our FAQs before looking in the other sections for help as most issues can be resolved quickly via FAQs. You may check it first.

Built-in Feedback

Tap the top left Options icon, and then tap Contact Us to open the feedback window. Make sure to choose a proper Request type, enter your correct Email address, and specify the issue in Description, then tap the OK button to submit.

images/Feedback one

images/Feedback two

Online Feedback

If you can't find the answers on our FAQs page or fail to send feedback, please don't hesitate to contact us via Online Feedback so our support team can further assist you.